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Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet with Anti-Condensation


SUNTUF Plus has special benefits that allow it to give plants the best nurturing conditions. The sheet has a special built-in mechanism to prevent condensation drip. This feature allows SUNTUF Plus to transmit optimal levels of PAR light in any weather conditions and protect the crop in the greenhouse. SUNTUF Plus maintain its superior mechanical properties for long periods of time. It sets the standard for efficient greenhouse roofing with over 25 million square meters installed in many greenhouses around the globe.

Main Benefits

Eliminates condensation drip
Up to 90% light transmission
UV and weather resistant
Optional UV protection on both sides
Blocks out UV and far IR radiation
Various light diffusion options
Less snow buildup than twin-wall
Flexible and easy to install
10 year limited warranty

Typical Applications

Agricultural greenhouses
Garden centers
Swimming pools
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