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Flat Transparent PVC Sheet


PALCLEAR transparent sheets provide solutions to various applications in populated indoor areas. PALCLEAR combines excellent mechanical properties and impact strength, water-clear clarity, excellent resistance to chemicals and fire resistance. It withstands many chemical agents and can be easily formed using various fabrication techniques. Optional characteristics range from high clarity and anti-glare surface to increased impact resistance.

Main Benefits

Excellent resistance to chemicals
High fire rating: Suitable for populated areas
High light transmission
"Water Clear" Clarity
Optional high-impact and UV resistance
Formable: can be thermoformed, vacuum formed, bent hot or cold, fabricated
PALCLEAR® Matte: Anti-glare finish on one side to eliminate reflection

Typical Applications

Transparent advertising items
Indoor signage in populated areas
High impact glazing
Machine guards
Chemically resistant safety glazing
Fabrication and forming applications
Anti-glare glazing and frame covers
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